Showtime on iTMS

Showtime on iTMS

Posted: February 7th, 2006, 7:45am GMT by C.K. Sample, III

Filed under: iTMS, Video

Well, it’s
Tuesday again. Or as I like to call it: “As a network, we finally figured out that we could make money by selling
our shows individually for a $1.99 each on the iTMS, but we’re still a little frightened of throwing all of our content
up there”

Showtime is offering Sleeper Cell [direct iTMS link],
Weeds, and Fat Actress for $1.99 per
episode. Although Showtime isn’t the first cable network to offer content via the iTMS, it is the first of the big
subscription only channels to do so, so hopefully they will sell well and we will soon see The Sopranos and
Curb Your Enthusiasm up on the iTMS. It also gives hope to die hard Arrested Development fans, like yours
truly; should rumors prove
true that Showtime is in talks to acquire the show
, I’ll be able to buy episodes at $1.99 a pop rather than fork
out the dough for the Showtime subscription (more likely that I would wait for DVD release or convince a friend with
Showtime to tape them for me). Sure, at $1.99 per episode, I’d quickly catch up with the subscription fee, but those
cable taxes they slap on every subscription are a little tricky, I tells ya!

Thanks for the tip,
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