announces free Professional Edition – an Enterprise Bliki for Professionals to Build, Collaborate, Manage and Publish their Information announces free Professional Edition – an Enterprise Bliki for Professionals to Build, Collaborate, Manage and Publish their Information

Posted: October 31st, 2006, 7:00pm PST by Romasha
Tags Professional Edition for Free. For life. free Professional today announced a new free version for it’s customers, which they are calling the Professional Edition. This new free Professional edition has ALL the features and functionality of the Enterprise Edition that will enable customers to create, manage, organize, store, version, search through, collaborate & discuss upon, share and publish any kind of information or data with friends, colleagues and family. The Professional Edition is limited only by space and bandwidth. is delivered as a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) offering. The SaaS advantage enabled to offer the complete functionality for free giving the customers an opportunity to Try before they Buy. As Phil Wainewright very rightly puts it in one of his blog posts “The whole point of the on-demand model is that the application is already running on the provider’s servers. So there should be no big deal with giving prospective customers a test run. Most SaaS vendors embrace this as a fantastic opportunity to win new customers. Any vendor that avoids doing so either has to offer a very good explanation or has something to hide.”

With this new free edition, Professionals and individuals who wish to start off using for their personal use can get and own a forever-free account. The Professional Edition offers a site for two users with a maximum storage capacity of 25 MB and a max data transfer of 125 MB. You can upgrade to a paid Enterprise Edition at any point of time and have an infinitely scalable system that grows with granular increase along with requirements

Key Features of the Professional Edition are:

Content Creation Features:

  • Integrated WYSISYG Word Processor; Create and edit tables visually.

  • Granular rights based content editing

  • Complete revision history of all content and files

  • Upload and version all kind of files and media

Collaborative Features:

  • Co-author files, documents and/or rich content

  • Verified public commenting access

  • Change notifications by Mail and RSS

  • Simple Tag based ad-hoc workflows

Management Features:

  • Integrated full text search engine

  • Interactive Business Dashboards – Keep track of changes on your site

  • Gallery and Slideshow views of images

  • Move content from private to public spaces (personal to shared, shared to intranet, intranet to web)

Publishing Features:

  • Secure RSS feeds for every section of content along with Podcast, Filecast and Image feeds

  • Customizable Logo, Banner, Sidebar and Footer

  • Server based image resizing

  • Downsized image downloading – share files and pictures easily

For a detailed feature list check out the comparison chart here.

Head over to the site and get your free Professional Edition today!

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