Corey Burger: 9 Nov 2006

Corey Burger: 9 Nov 2006

Postado: novembro 9, 2006, 9:48pm PST

Please don’t fan the flames

Steve, please don’t
fan the flames. The update to DaveJ’s blog came because I
emailed him politely and pointed out his error.

As for the OLPC stuff, it has been made abundantly clear
that the shipping OLCP image will contain completely free
software, including no binary blobs from Marvell. The binary
blobs are there right now so the boards can be tested while
the free firmware is written. I can dig up a reference for
this if you want. Remember that the wireless card is
completely new, not standard consumer grade stuff.

For the record, I do think we could do better getting stuff
upstream. More on this (and Useful’s challenges in this
area) later.

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