Digg gets a new design

Digg gets a new design

Posted: December th, 2006, 3:46pm Eastern Standard Time by JohnTP

Digg logoA few hours back when I visited Digg, I found it to be showing a message that it was undergoing a redesign and will be adding some new features. Just now I visited Digg again and saw it’s new design.

Digg is launching several new features this morning that signal a strategic shift in the company’s all news focus to date. They’ve added a podcasting content area, enhanced the video area and are signaling that new content areas are coming as well. Among the changes, users will now be able to consume audio and video content directly on Digg. Another key feature addition is the launch of “Top 10 Stories,” which is a quick view of the ten hottest stories on Digg at any given time.

Digg redesign

I liked the new design even though I prefer the sidebar on the left side. Some of the new features I liked are the Videos and the Top 10 Stories. And yes, I liked the fact that Digg moved to a flexible layout.

After reading the first few comments here, I feel that majority of the Diggers hate the new design.

Anyways, check out the last 3 years of the Digg homepage interface. Also check out TechCrunch’s post about Digg’s new design.

Did you like the new Digg design?

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