Seven Things

Seven Things

Posted: June 30th, 2007, 3:38pm CDT by Jeremy
1. That I love the company of people older and younger than myself, as much as I enjoy being with those my age (mid to late 30’s). When you’re friends, and the friendship is based on love of life, ideas, adventure, honesty, integrity and fun – age simply doesn’t count.

2. That I often wish my blog wasn’t called naijablog. It’s problematic and troubles me. When I joined blogger, I spent around 3 seconds deciding on the name. There’s not a week goes by when I think of shutting it down.

3. It’s not possible or desirable for most people (including myself) to commit to having sex with one person for the rest of your life. It is however both possible and desirable to commit one’s life and love to another. Why should desire impinge upon a commitment grounded in love?

4. That the quickest way to hugely reduce one’s carbon emissions is to go vegan. This has more positive impact on the planet than almost anything else you could do.

5. That egotism is the ultimate source of pain and violence in the world. It breeds hatred and delusion. Buddhism is the most effective set of practices I have found to gradually detach oneself from the narrow confines of the ego, to reach out with love and care to the world, to others, animals and the environment. Any religion which preaches an all-powerful God who must be obeyed or worshipped is simply a monumental projection of an ego back into the world: the ultimate act of vanity.

6. That no matter how hard I try to abstain, I will return to my love of coffee.

7. That there is no better way to waste an afternoon than by throwing Frisbee in a park, with friends.

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