“MySpace China will merge with MSN Live Spaces China.”

“MySpace China will merge with MSN Live Spaces China.”

Posted: July 7th, 2007, 7:34am IST by redbarren

first impressions
Originally uploaded by benbarren This deal is very interesting, imagine MySpace Australia merged with ninemsn’s (Live?) Spaces ? Well, that’s what happening in the much bigger China market. From the CWRBlog : “MySpace China will merge with MSN Live Spaces China. Luo Chuan, who used to be head of MSN China, will be in charge of the merged business. It is said the deal will be announced on July 26th.” Friday night, back to the footy, and later on Series 3 of Love My Way thx to Nikski.

Also reading about the 1.0 archetype Ellison and his Netsuite IPO (a company his interests have 74% of) From The Ponderings of Woodrow : “Post IPO, Ellison will retain majority control. As a result, public shareholders will not have a material say in the governance of the company. Larry will still be able to make quasi-unilateral decisions and is under no obligation to create a truly independent board of directors.”

Or for the classic iPhone doppelganger Helio and their YouTube free release for those so lucky (who must be miffed that Apple sold more phones in it’s first weekend, than any model has ever sold in a month I think I fed’read) From MyItablet : “Helio have not only introduced their own YouTube Mobile service but added extra functionality such as being able to upload your own footage direct from the handset. Relying on the same H.264 encoding as the iPhone – which means the full YouTube back-catalogue of videos won’t be available until the Fall – Helio’s client doesn’t need to perform the on-the-fly quality downcoding as the iPhone does (when using EDGE) since it supports the far higher speeds of 3G; not only that, but all contract customers get totally free access to YouTube.”

Bonus Link : At the other extreme of iphone mania (“Patrick and I dropped in on the San Francisco Apple store tonight before our walk with Dave Winer. Photos on my Flickr feed of that. The San Francisco store was sold out of iPhones. Every few seconds another person would enter the store and ask “when are you getting more?” The display with cases was mobbed. Could hardly get close to it. Someone ripped off an iPhone from the display right before we got there, too.”) see what this dodgy ol’ dude is asking for on Craigslist in exchange for the sold out IPhone. NSFW text 🙂

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